Best Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Best Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeters measure the amount of oxygenated blood (Spo2) in your body, giving medical professionals and you an idea of how much oxygen your body is carrying to vital organs and tissues at any time.

The best fingertip pulse oximeter 2024 is perfect for home use, allowing you to monitor your vital signs, and gives you a better view of your overall health.

If you have a condition that affects your blood oxygen levels, such as sleep apnoea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, emphysema, heart failure, or lung cancer, amongst many other conditions, then you will definitely benefit from using a pulse oximeter.

Benefits of a pulse oximeter

  • Simple to operate and portable way of monitoring your oxygen saturation over time.
  • Inexpensive and provides accurate readings within seconds.
  • Great way to monitor your night time oxygen saturation levels, especially if you suffer with suspected sleep apnoea or severe snoring.
  • Can alert you to possible dangerous side effects if you are taking medication, or drugs that affect your oxygen saturation levels and breathing.
  • Regular checks offer reassurance to people who suffer with cardiovascular or chronic respiratory conditions.
  • A great tool for tracking your fitness levels when exercising.
  • Allows you to assess if you need supplemental oxygen.

Best Fingertip Pulse Oximeter 2024

1. Zacurate 500E Premium Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Zacurate 500E Premium Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

This pulse oximeter is for sale on Amazon (see price)

The Zacurate Premium 500E fingertip pulse oximeter has a dramatically improved LED and sensor allowing it to measure SpO2 (oxygen saturation) and PR (pulse rate) with extreme precision, even at low blood perfusion.

With its easy to read bright display, attractive silicone sleeve and case, this Zacurate pulse oximeter is one of the most accurate pulse oximeters on the market.


  • Gives you quick and accurate results every time.(The FDA only requires pulse oximeters to have SpO2 accuracy of ±2%, however the Zacurate 500E pulse oximeter barely deviates more than 1% under lab conditions making it one of the most accurate).
  • The visual pulse allows you to see if the rate is regular or irregular.
  • Bright numbers on the display that are really easy to read.
  • Has a lanyard attachment so you are able to carry around with you out and about.
  • Comes with an attractive protective silicone sleeve and case.


  • For those unfamiliar with using a pulse oximeter who wouldn’t realise that there is no ‘ off ‘  button once it is on, as there is nothing mentioned in the comprehensive instructions.


2. Hylogy Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Hylogy Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

This pulse oximeter is available on Amazon (see price)

You will never need to worry about your readings with this fast and accurate pulse oximeter by Hylogy. Small and lightweight, and made from a soft medical silicone, this oximeter gives you a comfortable fit on your finger every time.


  • Its design and size makes it easier to carry around everywhere.
  • Comes with a nice pouch and carry strap so easy neck / wrist cord, carry bag and 2 AAA batteries.
  • Hylogy offers a 24 months customer service on the oximeter which gives you piece of mind if anything were to go wrong.
  • Great value for money.
  • Has a clear bright screen which rotates, which makes it really useful if you are trying to take someone else’s reading.
  • The pulse oximeter also makes a chiming noise to the rhythm of your heart rate, so can hear as it goes up or down.


  • The device continuously beeps every time you turn it on which can be a little irritating. Although, you can turn it off by holding the centre button down for 2 seconds.


3. TempIR Deluxe Finger Pulse Oximeter

TempIR Deluxe Finger Pulse Oximeter

This pulse oximeter is available on Amazon (see price)

The TempIR Finger Pulse Oximeter uses the latest near infrared technology, and is designed to give you quick accurate results within seconds. No more second guessing with reliable and accurate readings for you every time.


  • Has an easy to use one touch button setting.
  • Lightweight and small so can easily be carried in your pocket.
  • Universal finger clip that will fit all different size hands.
  • Low battery warning light indicator.
  • Has a real cushioned feel on your finger when using, even when put on and off several times.
  • Grey button allows you to rotate the screen around 90 degrees.
  • Has a clear easy to read display.


  • Closing the battery compartment can be a bit fiddly.


4. iProven Fingertip Pulse Oximeter OXI – 27BL

iProven Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

This pulse oximeter is available on Amazon (see price)

The iProven OXI – 27BL Black Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is consistent, accurate, and most of all easy to operate. The sturdy one-button device will fit perfectly around your finger, and give you continuous measurements time after time.


  • Clear and bright red display that makes it easier to read.
  • Features a pulse display that lets you see how strong or weak your pulse is.
  • If your pulse drops below 50 BPM then it will emit an audible loud alarm, which is a great safety check for you.
  • Has a 100 days money back guarantee which gives you piece of mind.
  • Easy to read and understand instruction booklet is provided with it.
  • The lanyard is really handy if want to carry round with you when out and about.
  • It automatically shuts off after a few seconds which saves on the battery life.


  • Some people may prefer a different colour combination on the display.


5. AFAC Fingertip Oxygen Saturation Pulse Oximeter

AFAC Fingertip Oxygen Saturation Pulse Oximeter

This pulse oximeter is available on Amazon (see price)

The AFAC Fingertip Pulse Oximeter has a simple attractive display that is both quick and easy to operate, giving you reliable and consistent readings every time.


  • Great value for money.
  • Uncluttered display with bright, clear LED lights that are easy to read and understand.
  • Automatically detects when you remove your finger and goes into power saving mode.
  • Has a medical grade silicone finger compartment which reduces the chance of allergic reactions on your skin.
  • Has large measurement ranges on both your pulse rate and oxygen saturation.


  • Some people may want a more colourful design and layout.


How does a pulse oximeter work ?

The pulse oximeter is a small, clip-like device that normally attaches onto your finger, although it can be put on other body parts, such as an earlobe or toes.

How does a pulse oximeter work ?

The oximeter beams different wavelengths of light through a relatively transparent area of the skin of your finger targeting haemoglobin, a protein molecule in your blood that carries oxygen.

Depending on the level of oxygen it is carrying, the haemoglobin absorbs different amounts and wavelengths of light. The pulse oximeter reading is a percentage of the level of oxygen in your blood.

How to use a fingertip pulse oximeter

What are the symptoms of not enough oxygen in the blood ?

Hypoxemia (low oxygen in your blood) can cause hypoxia (low oxygen in your tissues) when your blood doesn’t carry enough oxygen to your tissues to meet your body’s needs. The word hypoxia is sometimes used to describe both problems.

Low blood oxygen levels can result in abnormal circulation and cause the following symptoms:

      • Shortness of breath
      • Rapid heartbeat
      • Colour changes in your skin ( can vary from blue to cherry red )
      • Increased confusion
      • Sweating
      • Slower heart rate
      • Cough
      • High blood pressure
      • Restlessness
      • Lack of co-ordination
      • Dizziness
      • Visual disturbances

Tips to Consider When Using a Pulse Oximeter

Tips to consider when using a pulse oximeter

To ensure that optimal accuracy is reached when using your pulse oximeter, please follow the following tips:

      • Ensure you warm your fingers and hands before taking your measurements by rubbing your hands together. Remember that low blood perfusion can affect the accuracy of your readings.Your pulse oximeter measures your PR (pulse rate) and SpO2 (oxygenated blood) based on your blood flow.The pulse oximeter will not show a reading if the blood flow in your finger drops below a certain level.
      • Try to keep your finger or hand still when taking a reading as movement can make the oximeter reset its reading.
      • Avoid using the fingertip pulse oximeter over fake nails or nail polish as this may cause a false reading. The colour can absorb light emitted by the oximeter and interfere with the detection of oxygenated haemoglobin.
      • Be patient when waiting for a reading. It can usual take around 10 seconds for the display to show a reading, and in some people up to 30 seconds.
      • If you have a medical condition such as hypotension (low blood pressure) or atrial fibrillation (irregular heart rate), then you may get an inaccurate reading.

What is the best oxygen level ?

Pulse oximetry measures the percentage of oxygen in haemoglobin proteins, called oxygen saturation. Oxygen saturation usually indicates how much oxygen is getting to the organs.

What is the best oxygen level to have ?

Normal oxygen saturation levels are between 95 and 100 %. Oxygen saturation levels below 90 percent are considered abnormally low and can be a clinical emergency.

How accurate are fingertip pulse oximeters ?

Most oximeters will give a reading + / – 2% what your saturation levels would be if they were obtained by an arterial blood gas test.

The oximeter can be less accurate if you have dark skin, or if your saturation levels fall below 80 %.

Other factors that may reduce the accuracy are –

• Patient movement

• Bright light on the probe

• Nail varnish or pigment on finger

• Poor perfusion

• Carbon monoxide poisoning

Which finger is best for your pulse oximeter ?

Pulse oximeter measurements taken on the index, middle and ring fingers are less prone to error readings, and appear to show the greatest accuracy of the arterial oxygen saturation.

Guidance Notes

1. Your pulse oximeter can be used before or after doing sports, but it’s not recommended to use during the process of doing sports as you need to remain still when taking measurements.

2. Do not use the device on infants or neonatal users.

3. The device is not intended for use as a course of treatment. If you are in any doubt or concerned then please contact your doctor, or designated healthcare professional.

None of the information given is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should always ensure that you seek the advice of your general practitioner or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

The contents of this website are for informational purposes only.

Conclusion    –    Best Fingertip Pulse Oximeter 2024

So there you have it, tips, advice and recommendations on the best fingertip pulse oximeter 2024 for home use. The fingertip pulse oximeter is a simple, affordable way to monitor your vital signs, giving you a great way to keep track of your overall health and well-being.

Hopefully you have found what you are looking for, but if you need any further help or advice please feel free to contact me at and I will be happy to help you.

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  1. Great post on the best fingertip oximeter 2020 for home use. After reading your post, I have learnt a great deal of information on the different oximeters available, and how it is vital to monitor your health. Thank you for this review. It will definitely be useful for for most households.

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    • Thanks for your feedback Habib. If you need any further help or advice, please feel free to contact me again and I’ll be glad to help.

  2. Good reviews. I actually am in the market for one of those. I have checked out several different brands recently and looked at the Zacurate 500E that you mentioned as seems a good buy. I’ve looked at other pulse oximeters but I’ve found that they are not always that accurate with the readings. I wondered what your thoughts were.
    Thanks, Thomas.

    • Hi Thomas,
      Thanks for your comments. The Zacurate 500E Premium Pulse Oximeter is one of the few oximeters that is accurate to within 1%, even though the FDA (Food & Drugs Administration) only require pulse oximeters to have a SpO2 (oxygen saturation) accuracy of +/- 2%.
      This is a vastly improved model from its predecessor giving you consistent and reliable readings every time.
      Hope this helps, and please feel free to contact me again if you need any more advice or information.
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