Best Thermal Underwear for Men 2023

Best Thermal Underwear for Men 2023

The best thermal underwear for men is an affordable, efficient way to regulate your temperature and protect your body from the cold environment.

These light and comfortable base layers are available either as a set, or individual top or bottoms depending on your individual need.

Durable, easy to wash and dry, these stylish thermal underwear for men make a perfect gift to a friend or loved one, and a perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Benefits of wearing thermal underwear

  • Benefits of wearing thermal underwearSimple and efficient way to protect your body from the cold weather.
  • Affordable way to keep warm instead of spending money on more clothes.
  • Absorbs perspiration and regulates your body temperature.
  • It acts as a great base later when out in the cold.
  • Smooth comfortable fit that won’t rub against your skin when you move around.
  • Available as either a one piece outfit or two piece with long sleeve top and waist to ankle bottoms.
  • Thermal underwear is lightweight so no having to wear big heavy thick clothes to stay warm.

Best Thermal Underwear for Men 2023

1) MEETYOO Men’s Quick Drying Thermal Underwear Set

Meetyoo Mens Quick Drying Thermal Underwear Set

This thermal underwear for men is available on Amazon (see price)

This MEETYOO thermal underwear set has been developed for comfort and warmth in all cold weather environments. With their comfortable soft fit fleece lining, and lightweight design, they are excellent at keeping you warm.


  • The tight Lycra style fit means they can be easily fitted under your clothes, and they feel like you’re not wearing them.
  • Soft comfortable warm fit without overheating and perfect for all weathers.
  • They absorb sweat well and are great at keeping unwanted odours at bay.
  • This two piece set offers great value for money.
  • 2 way air circulation design gives you super breathable thermal.
  • Comfortable fitting elastic waist.

Materials: 92% polyester+8% spandex and fleece lined


  • Only drawback for a man is there is no fly hole, so you have to pull the pants down when you need the toilet.


2) Helly Hansen Men’s Lifa Merino 1/2 Zip Baselayer Longsleeve T-Shirt

Helly Hansen Men's Lifa Merino 1/2 Zip Baselayer Longsleeve T-Shirt

This thermal underwear top is available on Amazon (see price)

This Helly Hansen Lifa Merino long sleeve t-shirt has a distinct 2-in-1 base layer with 100 % merino wool combined with Lifa Stay Warm technology giving you a warm thermal base layer ideal in any cold weather.


  • Durable and warm thermal shirt.
  • The half zip at the front is great for regulating your temperature.
  • The flat lock seams design with natural stretch fabric ensures a good comfortable fit.
  • Available in 4 stylish different colours.
  • Perfect for machine washing and dries quickly.

Materials: 57% Wool (Merino), 43% Polypropylene


  • Some people may find its slightly itchy when you first try it on, but it should be fine after being washed for the first time.


3) LAPASA Men’s Heavyweight Thermal Underwear Set

LAPASA Men’s Heavyweight Thermal Underwear Set

This heavyweight thermal underwear set is available on Amazon (see price)

This heavyweight thermal underweight set is soft and fleecy on the inside with a really comfortable feel to your skin. The stretch elastic fabric provides easy body movements for you with less friction to your skin.


  • The underwear retains its shape and fit well even after lots of washes.
  • Thicker than some other thermals but stretch and mould to your body, and really comfortable when moving around.
  • Lovely soft fleece lining.
  • They dry quickly and no need to iron.
  • Great for really cold conditions and perfect as a base layer.

Materials: Heavyweight – 95% polyester, 5% spandex


  • If you are fairly active and moving around a lot you may find them a little warm.


4) LAPASA Mens 100% Lightweight Long Sleeve Merino Wool Base Layer Underwear

LAPASA Mens 100% Lightweight Long Sleeve Merino Wool Base Layer Underwear

This thermal underwear is available on Amazon (see price)

This Lapasa thermal underwear set is made of a high quality merino wool that is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. Whether you are in cold or warm conditions, this lightweight fabric underwear acts as a great base layer.


  • Lovely soft comfortable fit that won’t scratch your skin.
  • Breathable merino wool material that will help regulate your temperature in all weathers.
  • This underwear stretches and moulds to your body but retains its shape well.
  • High quality, durable base layer underwear set that will last and last.
  • Great value for money for 100% merino wool set.

Materials: 100% Lana Merino Wool


It is quite a large fit so you may need the smaller size down.


Merino & More Men’s Ski Base Layer – Functional Long Wool Sleeve Thermal Top

Merino & More Men's Ski Base Layer - Functional Long Sleeve Wool Thermal Top

This thermal top is available on Amazon (see price)

This attractive Merino two layer system combines merino wool with a high performance Polycolon fibre, that absorbs moisture and evaporates perspiration. The stylish thermal layer will keep you dry and warm in all weathers without overheating you.


  • The merino wool prevents sweat odours so it will stay fresh and last longer between washes.
  • It doesn’t have any seams around the shoulders and sides of the top, so feels really comfortable without any snagging on your skin.
  • Helps regulate your body temperature so you feel the same in any weather conditions.
  • Feels pleasant to the touch and lovely and warm without any irritation or scratching of the skin.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Stylish design.

Materials: 56% Wool (Merino), 30% Polycolon, 14% Polyamide


  • Has quite a thin feel to it, that although warm some people may prefer a thicker garment.


How does thermal underwear work

What is moisture wicking in thermal underwear ?

Thermal underwear does provide some insulation but its main role is minimising evaporative cooling by ‘wicking‘ or drawing sweat away from your skin.

An example of evaporative cooling would be as follows: –

Blow on the back of your hand and imagine how that feels. Now wet the back of your hand and blow on it again, and you will notice that when your hand is wet it feels much cooler. This is because as the water starts to evaporate it draws heat energy away from your skin.

This is the same principle when you wear thermal underwear against your skin.

What are the best materials for thermal underwear


  • Wool is a natural fibre that has excellent insulation properties which is ideal to use for any type of thermal garment.
  • It can absorb more than 30 per cent of its weight in water before it starts to feel wet. This is great if you are exercising or are prone to sweating.
  • Has the ability to ‘wick’ moisture away from your skin.
  • Great for regulating your temperature whether in cold or hot conditions.
  • Wool has an anti-bacterial effect due to the structure of the wool fibres.

Although there is sheep’s wool and Angorra wool available, one of the most popular types of wool used for thermal garments is Merino wool.

Merino WoolMerino wool sheep

Merino Wool is produced from the white fleeced Merino Sheep, which is dominant in New Zealand and Australia.

However, in the UK there are over 60 different breeds of merino sheep, as well as over 40 in the United States.

Due to its performance, availability and cost merino wool is now one of the most popular materials to use for thermal underwear.

  • Extremely soft and comfortable with a feel like cashmere products.
  • Merino wool has a lot more fibres in the fabric which traps more small pockets of air and locks in your body heat.
  • It is a highly breathable material that wicks’ moisture away from your body.
  • Great for regulating your temperature whether on cold or hot environments.
  • Protein molecules (the keratin) in the merino wool fibres are able to break down bacteria forming odours, so you won’t have to wash your thermal underwear as often.
  • Because merino resists stains, odours and bacteria, you don’t need to wash it as often as synthetic fabrics.
  • Owing to the fine fibres in the wool it is incredibly elastic, and able to retain its shape even after years of stretch, wear and repeated washing.
  • Merino wool has a natural UV protection.
  • The wool fibres are non-abrasive and suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Synthetic Materials ( Polyester / Nylon / Lycra / Spandex )

Polyester is one of the most common synthetic fabrics available for thermal underwear. Polyester, nylon, Lycra and spandex are often combined with natural fabrics such as wool to provide the right heat retention and moisture wicking properties.

In addition you may see rayon or polypropylene as well.

      • Synthetic underwear is very durable and can be washed often whilst still retaining its look.
      • Great for dissipating and wicking away sweat from your body keeping you really dry.
      • Lightweight and flexible material that fits well to your body.
      • Synthetic fabrics are generally the cheapest of all base layer garments.


As synthetic fabrics are not naturally antibacterial they will retain the odour from sweat, so you will have to wash your underwear more frequently.

Also, synthetic thermal garments are not as warm as merino wool fabrics, so they won’t be as effective in colder conditions.

How often should you wash thermal underwear ?

How often should you wash your thermal underwear ?

Thermal underwear is classed as a ‘base layer’ which is really any layer of clothing that we wear against our skin and hair. For example, compression socks, boxer shorts, undergarments or leggings.

They all absorb body oils and sweat from our body which in turn causes odours to occur.

If you are fairly active then you really need to wash thermal underwear after every wear. If, on the other hand you are just trying to keep warm and not really moving or exercising, then you could get away with wearing 2-3 times before you wash.

However, if your underwear is washed regularly and correctly will feel fresher and last longer.

5 Tips to buying Thermal Underwear for Men

How to choose the right fabric and material when buying thermal underwear

1) Choosing the right weight for your base layer

Choosing the right weight base layer for your thermal underwear

The weight of a base layer determines the warmth that it produces. The heavier your thermal underwear is, the warmer it usual is.

It’s worth noting that heavier base layer underwear will obviously give you more warmth, but the main job is managing your moisture. It’s your middle layer that will act as an insulator retaining your body heat.

Generally there are three basic weight options for thermal underwear –

        • Lightweight    –   Preferable for cool to moderately cold weather and for a high level of aerobic activity. Ideally, the underwear should be close and a comfortable fit on your skin.
        • Middlewight    –    This is best for moderately cold to cold weather, and tends to be a popular choice for thermal underwear.
        • Heavyweight    –   Suitable for extreme cold temperatures and when more warmth is needed to regulate the body temperature.

Should thermal underwear be tight or loose ?

What is best tight or loose fitting thermal underwear ?To ensure that your base layer is most effective your thermal underwear needs to have a snug fit to your skin, so it feels like you are wearing a second skin.

If there are gaps between the fabric and your skin then this will allow cold air to get in.

It’s best to always go for your actual size when choosing your underwear as they are made a slightly smaller fit than regular garments you buy.

The best ways to wash thermal underwear

Best ways to wash your thermal underwear

Thermal underwear is made of different types of fabric, so if you want to get the best out of it ensuring that it lasts a long time, then it’s important to read the manufacturer label when washing and caring for your underwear.

Here’s a guide to the different materials available in your thermal underwear.


Most people consider woollen items to be difficult to wash and keep clean, but most woollen thermals can be washed using a washing machine.

Ideally use a delicate cycle when you are washing followed by a short spin cycle.

Use a line drying method, not the tumble dryer to ensure that the clothing doesn’t shrink. However, certain wool garments can safely be dried in a tumble dryer without the item shrinking. Check your garments sew in label to make sure first before drying.

When looking at woollen thermal underwear, merino wool is a popular choice.

How to wash Merino Wool thermals

How to wash Meriono wool thermal underwear

Merino wool thermal underwear is usually a mix of merino wool and polyester, which tends to be less itchy on your skin than 100% wool. The mix of materials makes the underwear more durable and is easier to wash and keep clean.

        • To prevent bobbling, especially if there is print on the underwear, turn inside out before washing.
        • Machine wash on a low to medium heat setting ( 30 degrees ).
        • Wash separately where possible, or with similar colours.
        • Always use a mild detergent, but avoid any fabric softeners as they reduce the merino wool’s ability to actively manage your body temperature and build up of moisture by sticking to the fibres. In addition, fabric softeners also can make the garment start to bobble.
        • Ideally dry lying the underwear flat unless the care instruction on the label allows you to tumble dry. If you do tumble dry the garment make sure it is on a low heat.
        • You probably won’t need to iron your thermal underwear, but if you do then make sure it is on a cool or wool setting.
        • Don’t dry clean your thermal underwear

Tips for washing merino wool garments by hand

Tips when washing your Merino wool thermal underwear by hand

1) Use warm water and soap in a bowl, but avoid soaking the underwear as this could cause it to shrink and change shape.

2) If you notice any stains on your thermal underwear then use a damp cloth and dab the area. Avoid rubbing as this will damage the material.

3) Reshape the garments whilst they are damp, but don’t wring them out as this will shrink the merino wool.

4) Dry the thermal underwear on a flat surface, such as a large towel. Don’t peg the underwear out on a washing line or clothes hanger as the wool garment will stretch and lose its shape.


You can wash cotton thermal underwear either by hand or machine.

By hand, wash in warm water and use a mild detergent. Gently soak to remove any stubborn stains and rinse.

Try to air dry the thermals by spreading out on a flat surface. Avoid hanging them up as the fabric will start to lose its shape and stretch.

If you choose to machine wash your thermals then use the wool or delicate cycle of the machine. Again, use a soft detergent on a cool / warm wash.

Synthetic Fabrics

Synthetic fabrics are usually made using polyester mixed with another material like polypropylene. You might also see nylon or a blend of other fabrics in your thermal underwear.

Elastane, spandex and Lycra are essentially the same style of a synthetic fiber made from polyurethane. Generally they are mixed with other materials and provide good comfort and elasticity for your thermals, as well as providing the right amount of heat retention and moisture wicking properties.

For best results wash your synthetic fabrics inside out. You can either machine wash or by hand, but always best to check the care label on the garment to ensure that you wash at the right temperature.

They tend to dry quickly and are normally okay to put in a tumble dryer or you can hang out to dry. Easy to care for they maintain their original shape well.


Silk is a strong natural material, and although not as effective as synthetic fabrics or merino wool, is lightweight, thin and a very effective insulator.

You can hand wash silk thermal underwear, or use the delicate cycle on your washing machine. Use a silk or wool enzyme free detergent.

Try not to wash your silk thermals too often, although silk stays fresh much longer than other materials due to its smooth shiny silk fabric.

Best thermal underwear for men 2023

So there you have it, great tips, advice and recommendations for choosing the best thermal underwear for men 2023.

Thermal underwear is an affordable, efficient way to regulate your temperature and protect your body from the elements through the cold winter months.

These durable and comfortable base layers are easy to wash and maintain, and will make a perfect accessory to your wardrobe or a present to a friend or loved one.

Hopefully you have found the right thermal underwear for you, but if you need any further help or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact me at and I will be happy to help.

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